Tipping the Iceberg is a popular myth in Club Penguin.

Hinting at Iceberg MythEdit

Club Penguin has hinted at the popular myth for years. Rumor has it if you tip the Iceberg you can get thousands of coins and possibly even a Golden Puffle. In the Library Book, "The Spice of Life", it says that the character didn't believe the Jet Pack Adventure coin bonus or the Iceberg tipping myth. However, the Jet Pack Adventure rumor was true, hinting that tipping the Iceberg could be too.

In the PSA Mission Questions for a Crab, Herbert P Bear said he sailed to Club Penguin on an iceberg, but he accidentally tipped it over. Rumors have started about Herbert coming to Club Penguin on the Iceberg room, but this was debunked at the Prehistoric Party 2013, which revealed the the Iceberg was once attached to Club Penguin island.

In the sketch comedy series #WaddleOn, penguins are seen atempting to tip the Iceberg, and once everyone leaves except one penguin, it is shown tipping. However it is not reflective of actual gameplay.