Rockhopper Island is a tropical island which is rumored to make an appearence in the future. It is the natural habitat of Red Puffles, and was named after it's discoverer, Captain Rockhopper.

Rumor OriginsEdit

In 2006, Captain Rockhopper announced that he found a tropical island and named it after himself. Since then, many rumors started about it being accessible from various mini games like Catching Waves, Cart Surfer, and Hydro Hopper. It has been teased and hinted at by the Club Penguin team, but it hasn't been confirmed.


  • Directions to Rockhopper Island have been found on the Migrator and in artwork, but the X that marks the island is always covered up.
  • In Anchors Away, an island can be seen in the distance. It might be Innocent Island ir Rockhopper Island.
  • In the story Christmas on Rockhopper Island, pictures of the flora and wildlife can be seen, confirming it's existance.
  • Red Puffles originated here.